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About Cold Water Practices
with Daylight Counseling.

"I am someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression for years. I have done many things to work through and combat my anxiety and depression - such as therapy, medicine, etc. - and still struggle at times. I was looking to try something new to support all the work I have already been doing and I found it with Daylight Co. and Karrah by joining a cold water dip session! Not only did Karrah coach me through the entire process but she, quite literally, held my hand during my first dip. I feel so thankful to have not only found another strategy to support the work I have been doing but also a welcoming and supportive group of people to do it with!” - C.B.

"If you are interested in cold water dipping- this workshop is for you! Karrah will teach you everything you want to know about the science and benefits of cold dipping; just in case you are on the fence this will certainly help you get in the water. Then you review the practices, protocol and safety of cold dipping. By the time you get to the water, you’ll be so excited to take your first dip. This workshop was everything I wanted it to be and more. I felt so confident and excited, as well as safe and cared for. I didn’t even have time to think about what I was really doing. The connections you can build with the women around you in just 5 minutes in the cold water is really something special. I have been in the wellness world for my entire life- this was hands down one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. Karrah will guide you to building the confidence and excitement it takes to get in the water and then you’ll be hooked! Not to mention , after the workshop Karrah will continue to support your cold water experience- 3 days after our workshop I meet her and a few others at the beach for my second dip- she had gear to share and excitement to spread. Sign up for one of these workshops NOW! Let Karrah and the cold water change your life." R.L.

"Today's workshop with Karrah at DaylightCo was especially meaningful for me because a good share of the group really were uncertain and nervous.......and Karrah was so ready to pave the way for them, for all of us.  The science based discussion, followed by the human/emotional/empowering discussion was GREAT!  As one of the workshop women kept saying.......knowledge is power.   And that's what Karrah gave us.   I am really very grateful Karrah has MADE this happen for all of us, and I have high hopes we will continue to grow our community, thank you Karrah!!" S.W.

About Therapy
with Daylight Counseling.

"I remember one of several times I was sitting in Karrah's office despairing over my future. I thought I was incapable and unlikeable. She, however, had the most wonderful glint in her eye. For she had another vision I could not yet see. She saw me laughing and enjoying the magic of life. It took me some time, but I came to see the same hope that Karrah nurtured close to her heart. Now I seek those who share the warm optimism and love that characterizes the best possible future for all of us. I think I'm ready for the world." -E.S.

"It's hard to put into words when someone saves your life, but Karrah did exactly that. Counseling isn't just a job to her and it shows. She made me feel like a priority. She made me feel heard. She helped me talk to my parents for the first time about what I was going through and helped them understand. When I met Karrah, I was going through one of the hardest times in my life and had given up on myself, but she never gave up on me. I will be forever grateful to her for showing me that life is worth living." -C.N.

About Health Coaching
with Daylight Counseling.


"Karrah was my coach and one of the biggest reasons I was able to stick to my weight loss program. I wasn't sure that a weight loss program or coaching were the right fit for me, but within a few minutes Karrah made me comfortable enough to open up and share. I knew I had found the right coach for me! Karrah has a knack to make you feel comfortable speaking about your struggles while helping you navigate the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for a health coach, you are in great hands with Karrah!"- V.M.

"Karrah leads with an encouraging positivity. I always looked forward to our meetings. If I had a bad week she helped put things in perspective with a supportive, nonjudgemental manner. She helps to bring out the best in all by sharing her own journey, letting us know she has been where we are. Her sense of humor is a great bonus too."- K.M.

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